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Approved by Owners, Dogs & Local Veterinarians!

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Owner Approved

We love dogs - but successful dog training requires helping people too.  That's why we pride ourselves on providing a professional service, with kindness & patience for our human clients too.

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"Despite being a very small business, Practical Obedience is a really professional operation. Maggie and Shana were quick and thorough in their responses to our emails, the orientation prior to the beginning of training (to discuss their basic approach to dog training) was incredibly informative, and everything we were taught in person was later summarized in an email that included a detailed written description of each command/behavior as well as handouts and videos that made it VERY clear what we were supposed to be doing with our dog."

-Jean, Will & Mischa, 2020

"My husband and I have high expectations for service of any kind, and rarely does anyone meet those expectations much less exceed them—but Maggie does in every way."

- Molly & Franklin, 2018

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"There are not enough adjectives to describe Maggie’s patience, intensive knowledge and great business etiquette. She is attentive, a great listener and above all, the best dog trainer I have ever met."

- Sarah & Sky, 2019


Dog Approved

We think dogs should LOVE training!  We strive to care for your dogs as our own and ensure they're happy, healthy and having fun while learning - for training problems big & small.

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Hugh & Pav

"Shana was with us from the first week that we brought Pav and Hugh home and she could not have been more helpful.... She made training so much fun and was always gentle and never harsh.  This

was very important to us and it is also the rule by which Practical Obedience lives by.  Our boys are so well behaved and owe that to Shana!  Pav and Hugh adore her and so do we!"

-Rachel, Hugh & Pav, 2019


"Maggie and Connie are amazing to work with and so helpful! We adopted Irving who needs lots of love and patience, they have helped him and us so much. We cannot forget to mention how patient they have been with our other dog who is always needing their attention too! They're very knowledgeable and truly care about the best interest of all involved. We highly recommend Maggie and Connie!"

-Tricia & Irving, 2019

"Kona loves to learn and these ladies have coached us and given us (and him) the tools to help him be the best good boy he can be. Kona is going to miss his “Maggie days.”

- Josh, Jen & Kona, 2020

Read more reviews and testimonials on Google and Facebook

Veterinarian Approved

We believe in a collaborative approach and value our relationships with local veterinarians.  Open communication between your dog's trainer, veterinarian and other caretakers ensures your dog receives the best care possible for their entire life.

"The behavioral issues that challenge many of our patients are complex and can’t be solved quickly in the exam room. We’re more likely to succeed in managing these beloved dogs when we adopt a team approach. Having a trainer who’s knowledgeable and is eager to collaborate is so valuable, and we’ve built that relationship with Maggie and her colleagues at Practical Obedience. We’re so excited to hear that Practical Obedience will be expanding their services to include Puppy DaySchool. Early socialization is the first step to avoiding behavior issues that impact quality of life for the whole family. Our clients whose adult dogs have needed a little extra help have enjoyed working with Maggie, and now we’re looking forward to recommending Puppy DaySchool to our newest patients."

-Drs. Cheryl Skaletski, Tara Johanek, Roberta Riedi, and Margaret Eastman

Bay East Animal Hospital 

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As a veterinarian I often don't have the time required during exams to really give the attention that is needed when it comes to addressing a dog's behavior. I am so lucky to have Maggie and her crew as trusted professionals I can refer my clients to.

-Dr. Becky Krull, DVM

Green Bay & Allouez Animal Hospital

"Practical Obedience is our go-to recommendation for all things dog training. We love that we are able to work in conjunction with Maggie and her team to develop plans for our patients and clients. We appreciate that Practical Obedience uses science based, positive reinforcement training and we always feel confident when referring our patients to them for everything from puppy socialization to dogs with aggression or fear issues."

-Dr. Tracy Kusik, DVM

Trout Creek Veterinary Center


"The staff at Practical Obedience are top-notch. They understand animal behavior and have an excellent approach to helping manage and prevent behavioral problems. They are the first people we recommend to the clients of Gentle Vet Animal Hospital."

-Dr. Daniel Gray, DVM

Gentle Vet Animal Hospital

We are so lucky to have an organization like Practical Obedience in our community. They are knowledgeable, professional, and caring. We not only refer our clients to them, but many of our own pets have benefitted from their services as well.” 

– Packerland Veterinary Center

RAH Logo.jpg

"It is extremely common to discuss behavioral concerns at the veterinary office. However, it is also common to be limited in training, conversations, and options in this setting. We are extremely happy to have an awesome resource in Practical Obedience LLC and refer clients to them often. We cannot stress how important it is to have someone working with pet owners in environments and applications outside the vet clinic for training. Mutual trust and communication between our organizations is vital, and we feel Practical Obedience provides this and more."

- Riverside Animal Hospital Veterinarians

We are so grateful for the ability to collaborate with local veterinarians and welcome the opportunity to work together with your veterinarian to ensure your dog's success. 

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