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puppy socialization & puppy play, Green Bay Wisconsin, 2 puppies playing

Afternoon Puppy Socials

Join our weekly playtime & socialization supervised by our skilled puppy trainers! Our Afternoon Puppy Social are available for new clients and as an add-on service for current puppy training clients.

Cost & Schedule

  • When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1:30-5:00pm

  • Cost: $75/session


Puppy Social Requirements

  • Who can attend?

    • Current puppy clients: You can sign-up anytime for as long as you are an active puppy program client.

    • New puppy clients: Eligibility screening required before attendance. See additional info below. 

  • Puppies must:

    • Be under 20 weeks old*

    • Have their 1st round of vaccinations at least one week prior to first social and up-to-date boosters during attendance of Puppy Socials.

Sign-up Process

  • Existing puppy training clients


  • New clients

    • $100 trial day to determine eligibility 1pm-4:30pm

    • Meet with Kailey from 1-1:30pm, then you'll leave puppy with our staff from 1:30-4pm, and meet at 4pm for recap of your puppy's socialization assessment.

    • Please email or fill out our online Puppy Form.

We reserve the right to modify the age limit for attendance on a case-by-case basis. *Schedule subject to change.​​

Looking for Puppy Training?

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