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dog emergency training - black dog barking

Emergency Consultations

Due to the high demand and frequent 4-8 week lead time for behavior consultations which require the attention of our lead trainer (Maggie Hansen, CTC, CBCC-KA) we have created our Emergency Consultation option. This option is available to anyone who feels they need help now and cannot wait for our first available openings.

Scheduling an Emergency Consultation gains you access to:

  • PRIORITY SCHEDULING: We will make all reasonable accommodations to schedule your consultation appointment within 2 weeks of inquiry.  We will continue to offer priority scheduling for any additional training we recommend.

  • A 1.5-2 HOUR VIRTUAL APPOINTMENT: We combine our standard consultation with a training appointment. In addition to reviewing your case, we'll begin with management recommendations and early training steps for immediate relief.

  • PLACEMENT AT THE TOP OF OUR CANCELLATION LIST: You'll be notified first of any openings that become available​ for continued training.

  • Emergency Consultations require an initial investment of $375.

    Additional Details

    Emergency Consultations are not designed to be a stand-alone appointment. While some people may find the management and early training steps sufficient to provide enough relief, we expect further training to be required in most cases. Additional training will commence under our standard process & pricing with priority access to future openings.

    Scheduling of Emergency Consultations is considered overtime and payment is required in advance.

    Request an Emergency Consultation

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