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Start Here: Virtual Consultation

Initial Investment: $75.00

Meet your dog trainer

Discuss your training goals

Review all training programs in detail

Get personalized recommendations for training

NOTE:  All consultations are being held virtually.  The technology is easy to use and you'll lose nothing by starting the process virtually.  Accommodations for those without internet access may be made on a limited basis.

Basic Training Programs

Training Investment: $95.00 - $895.00

Customized to your goals for basic training skills & for solving nuisance problems such as jumping, pestering & pulling on leash

Ideal for puppies & friendly adult dogs

Single sessions & packages available

Drop-off DayTraining sessions available

Virtual consultation required prior to training.

Behavior Training Programs

Training Investment: $600.00- $975.00

Designed for behavior problems rooted in fear, anxiety, reactivity or aggression

Recommended for dogs who struggle meeting new people or dogs

Packages recommended

Drop-off DayTraining sessions available

Virtual consultation required prior to training.

If your dog is struggling to stay home alone or you're concerned about separation anxiety, please contact one of our trusted referrals.

Puppy DaySchool Program

Training Investment: $1,775.00

Our premier puppy program includes 6 weeks of training, socializing and preparations for your dog's lifelong success!  Available to puppies under 16 weeks* at time of enrollment. 

Program Includes:

(1) Virtual Orientation Training Session

(12) Drop-off Puppy DaySchool Sessions

(4) Coaching Sessions to transfer training skills

(1) Puppy Gear Package (harness, treat pouch & clicker)

Take full advantage of your puppy's critical developmental period by enrolling them in Puppy DaySchool as early as possible.  *Age cut off is subject to change at our discretion based on interest & compatibility with puppies enrolled.

Virtual consultation required prior to training.

Emergency Training Services

Initial Investment: $375.00

Due to the high demand for behavior consultations which require the attention of our lead trainer (Maggie Keippel, CTC, CBCC-KA) we offer an Emergency Consultation option.  This option is available to anyone who feels they need help now and cannot wait for our first available openings.

Scheduling an Emergency Consultation gains you access to:

Priority Scheduling

Combined consultation & training session

Placement at the top of our cancellation list

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