Basic & Behavior Training Programs

Training Investment: $90.00 - $875.00

Virtual consultation required prior to training to determine eligibility for programs.

At the end of your virtual consultation, your trainer will review all the training options and packages available to you and help you determine what program best fits your needs.

Basic & Behavior Programs Include:​

(1) Orientation Session

All training packages begin with a small group orientation.  We put an emphasis on education beyond training.  We want you to learn more, understand your dog better and be successful with your training goals.  Orientations are currently being held twice per month virtually, with a recording and resources shared via email after each session.​


(3) Individual Coaching Sessions

All training programs include coaching sessions.  Coaching sessions are available virtually or at our training center to cover your individual training needs.  Your trainer will guide you through your training plan, answer questions and provide an emailed summary following each session.

ADD: DayTraining

Daytraining packages include (3) sessions for our trainers to work one-on-one with your dog to start a foundation of skills.  Drop your dog off at our training center for one-hour sessions.  You'll receive instructions on how to continue and maintain the training we started during coaching sessions included in all packages.

Here's what clients have said about the orientation session:

"I really enjoyed the class last night and talked to my kids about all of things I learned as soon as I got home."

"I really enjoyed last night's session, thought you did an excellent job, and I learned a ton! So much of what you said hit home with what I am seeing."

"The information was helpful and was provided in more detail than previous training sessions we have attended."

"I just want to say we really enjoyed Maggie's orientation last night. It was full of really great information and got my husband and I on the same page."